V65C spluttering, cutting out once engine gets warm

My v65c has cut out and made me push the thing home.
The bike starts fine, and works great for about 7 mile, and then starts coughing and spluttering, and then cut out completely, and would not restart,
I changed the plugs at the roadside, made no difference bike would not start, after 10 mins the bike restarted, albeit using the choke.
I rode it back towards home, still on choke, it was running rough for a couple of miles and then cut out again, luckily I was now close enough to push it home.
Half an hour later I tried to start the bike, it fired up straight away and sounded to be running just fine, it started every time I tried when it was cool/ cold.
The bike is running on Dyna S electronic ign, with round silver coils.
My thought is that the coils are failing once they are getting warm, however they didn’t feel warm when the bike cut out.?
I have also been reading that dyna S systems are prone to failure.?
I will be changing the coils once they arrive, however is there anything else I should be looking out for…?
This hasn’t just happened the once, it’s been playing up for a while now, strange that it started on choke, could this be a fuelling issue.?
The bike is always running on super unleaded E5 fuel.
The carbs had a good clean and new floats about 300 miles ago, I had problems before changing the floats, one of the floats was full of fuel so I thought that this was the problem, however sadly not, the problem was still there…
Can anybody offer any advice please, I have very little knowledge regarding bike mechanics to be honest, cheers for any help,

My second thought is the ignition electronics could be failing - something stops working when it gets hot. Turn it off for a bit, then it works again. Just a wild guess.

Carb Mx bikes used to run hot starts. This would lean off the mixture when the bike was hot. As your bike runs fine cold could you actually be running rich?

A second thought is, on the side of the carb is a black plastic disc held on with a 10mm AF bolt. Behind that is a mesh filter that can get blocked with tank rust and flaking petseal.

Have fun!

Yeah it’s not the filter, that is totally clean.
And had the bike running from cold, stuck a colour tune into it and the mixture seems to be perfect.
I’ve got the new coils now, so will fit them on Thursday, if that doesn’t sort it then I will have to look into the carbs again…:unamused::unamused:

New fuel taps fitted yesterday, and the problem was solved,
Will have to strip the old ones down, as the filters didn’t look clogged up, but they were letting very little fuel through…:confused::confused:

OK, thanks for telling us.

If coil fails to send the spark to a plug when hot, sometimes it sparks near where HV cable goes into the coil. Wait until it’s dark and start the bike with fuel tank taken off, sometimes the “light and sound” show tells you everything…