V65TT Gearbox oil

Just been checking up on fluids for my new V65TT and owners manual says EP85 W/140 for the bevel box and gearbox.  Never heard of a small box with 85 W/140 in the gearbox?

checked with morris lubricants database and they list 85 W/140 for all the v65’s but 80w90 for a v50 etc

Hi V-35 Despite the manual I use 85/140 in all the Guzzis and have had no problems at all. Others will disagree of course :wink: The manuals I’ve bot for NTX 650 and 750 say 85/140. HTH Steve

nice one Steve :slight_smile: Â bit weary at moment after having v35’s engine explode i’m on over cautious with oil!

interesting extract from guzziology on small block gearbox oil
Viscosity selection and update
Keeping with petroleum industry standards,Moto Guzzi updatedtheir recommendationof SAE 90 to SAE 80W-90 {Basics:Gear lubes}. Startingin about 1986,Moto Guzzibegan recommending 85W-140 for 650s, although they later revised the viscosity recommendationfor all small twins back to 80W-90. I prefer 80W-85W-140, especiallyfor the Daytonasand Sport 1100sand larger (500-750) smalltwins.