V7 2011 Running problems at 3500 rev

Any Ideas on a quick fix? it was running ok but after laying up since Christmas it is holding back between 3500 and 4500 after this rev range and before its Ok - I ve ran it for around 250 miles and no change.If its an ecu problem any recommendations on the nearest fixer to Norwich? - Mark

Do you have a Finebau Forge adapter fitted.

try a new set of sparkplugs first
also check to see if the little threaded adaptors have unscrewed of one of them ( often happens)
how much clean fuel have you put through the bike
stale fuel will cause a motorcycle or car to lose power

I fiited a an adaptor from Gutsibits BoosterPlug - Tuning your Motorcycle Fuel Injection which is a air temperature sensor which I fixed nr the horn - is this similar to the Finbeau? - this seemed to improve the running(which was ok) slightly - the problem I have now is much worse - ill check the sparks first which is an easy check

My 2011 V7 is a bit rough and coarse-feeling at 3500 rpm. I am learning to avoid running it in that zone. I once filled it with Shell V Power and that really mucked it up. It is best on straight 95 octane.

Im going to take it to Carl Harrison at Harleston in Norfolk who can hopefully sort out with their diagnostics check.
Ill report back when its done.

Any news ?

I had a 2008 V7, and never had any fuelling problems. All the electrics were standard.

I exchanged it last November for a new V7ii Special. Since March, when I started using it again, I have felt that the fuelling below 2,500 has been a bit rough. It is going in for its first service tomorrow, so I hope the problem can be sorted; especially as it is a bit of a hike to get to the dealer.

Find the lambda sensor plug and sockets ( 2 off tucked under the throttle body forward of airfilter housing). Disconnect them (tape up if wet). Take it for a long thrash. Switch off. Reconnect lambda sensors ( make sure you dont confuse LH and RH) and take it for a thrash.
Dont know why it does this occasionally.

Is that advice for the single throttle bodied V7s or the twin throttle bodied earlier ones?

It suits my 2013 V7 Stone single TB. I also fitted the FineBau doofer. Disconnected both it and the lambdas for a couple of hundred miles 2 years ago - reconnected the lambdas , then the FB and it was ok for last season.
This spring I changed the battery and its back to square one it seems. Wonder if the ecu does a a learning process which is volatile.

Its a pain the bum anyway.

Entirely possible.

Puts the supposed V50 flat spot into perspective anyway.

On that note - I am going to (some time) 3D print a spool to set the advance and gap much like the unobtainable Guzzi tool GU 19928000…

I’ve always been skeptical that they even existed, that they would really do the job properly if they did, or that you would ever need to use it more than once (unless you were a half wit like me and took the sensors off for some reason when you were replacing the timing chain).

When you get around to it could you print me one using powdered unicorn horn? Thanks.

It turned out to be the valve tappets one of which seemed to have had an over adjustment which had stripped the thread on the screw., had throttle bodies of injectors balanced and changed Iridium sparks for standard and running well - thanks to Dave Wicks at Dereham.

Well for goodness sake. :laughing:

So there ya go nothing to do with the EFI or whatever. :smiley:

I was a demi semi half wit too - however the sensors insulation had broken down and I needed to remove them to solder on new tails with heat shrink and grp sheathing.
When I get around to it I’ll print one and try it. If it works I’ll do a couple extra. I think I’ll spare the unicorn and just go for PLA. PM me your address.

When I took my bike (V7ii Special) for its first service and i mentioned the low rpm rough running, all they could find wrong was a tight exhaust tappet. This had caused some bluing on the exhaust pipe; The other exhaust pipe was a sort of goldie/brown colour.

I think it might be running a little better. It still feels a little hesitant pulling from 2,000rpm.