V7 Classic Flasher unit

Just trying to familiarise myself with the V7 Classic -various relays and interlocks under the seat, but nothing that looks like a flasher unit. I can’t find any mention of it in the workshop manual. There obviously IS one, but where? Is it an integral part of something else?

I do not know the V7 on the V11 Le mans there are a set of relays one is the indicator, on the older bikes the indicator relay is a round tin thing on right hand side in side panel. I would have thought on the newer bike it should have been a relay.

The indicators are controlled by electronic wizardry within the dash on all the new models. There will be no flasher relay to be found.

O pooh that sounds daft no more o the relays faulty £3.50 for a replacement then

Thanks Brian - I was afraid it was something like that: bit like the domestic washing machine where a £0.07 diode has failed - the cure is to replace the £47printed circuit board it’s attached to!

Do you have an indicator problem?
For £47 I’d get my soldering iron out.Brian UK2013-01-04 21:29:32

No - just “housekeeping” my 2009 V7 Classic. The notion of 21st century electronics monitorring/controlling cheap 1950s components on a 3 year old bike, defies logic!

I’m happy enough to get my mini-soldering iron out for my 76 year old car (all bakelite, brass and junction boxes), but expected a “new” Guzzi to be more user-friendly.

Electronics and obscure incandescent bulbs make curious bedfellows!

Having cable-tied my V7 engine sensor lead to the left hand horn, the ECU light no longer warns of a non-existent fault. Such is progress?greybeard622013-01-04 23:54:32