V7 Classic. General riding revs?

I have been out for my first observed ride en route to taking my IAM test. I was told that it may be better to stay in a lower gear when in 30 or 40 mph zones to allow the bike to “pull” better. I have found since buying the V7 that it feels rough between 3500 and 4000 rpm and smooths out really nicely above 4200. So do other V7 riders run around at 4000-5000 rpm? The bike feels more relaxed at 3000-3500 rpm but this range would not be ideal for roads and situations where there are lots of hazards. Anyone who rides a V7 with more experience than I have and can give a bit of practical guidance please?
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Never did understand this aspect of the IAM thingy… changing gear when you need to is a simple enough concept…sorry I know it doesnt answer your question David…

Hello, I used a V7Classic for five years adhering to the <3 000rpm until oil temp is achieved rule, this handily kept me to 20mph in 2nd gear (plus or minus, Officer!), 30mph in 3rd and 40mph in 4th. Engine warmed up and traffic laws adhered to in one easy dictum.
Was the engine ‘happy’? Well it’s a Guzzi :smiley:

My real issue is that I do not really like to run the bike in the “rough patch” between 3500 and 4000 rpm, it just does not feel pleasant.
In a nutshell, do other V7 riders happily run their bikes in the rough zone (and I am too fussy) or do they normally run at 4000 plus?
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With my Lil’Breva (all my Guzzi’s in fact) once warmed up I rev it to 6,000 to get the engine warmed up properly. It always feels happier afterwards.
Have you tried a Finbau Forge lamda sensor kit as it makes tick over more consistent and gets rid of most of the rough patch?

When I did the IAM training I was encouraged to stay in lower gears for better tractability - both acceleration and engine braking. My observer admitted that this was going to feel like I was thrashing the bike unnecessarily & riding without any mechanical sympathy! But I gritted my teeth and tried it…and I found a sweet spot in the rev range where I had the “correct” tractability & riding that way began to make more sense and feel OK. So go and find your bike’s “sweet spot”…and remember your IAM observer might not be familiar with the characteristics & idiosyncrasies of Guzzi engines so don’t necessarily believe at what revs & in which gear he says you’ll find it !!

I have toyed wth idea of the Finebau Forge device but reading through posts about them it would seem people fit them and then remove them.
If Moto Guzzi spend heaps of money developing a bike, should we really need to add on an extra bit? My bike has done 10,300 miles. Do they get better with miles? On a recent computer check-up all was well and within tolerance. Does anyone know what causes the rough patch?
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Trouble is…I dont think Guzzi have ever had heaps of money
to spend… well apart from a purple patch…which de Tomaso bought Maserati with !
New bikes are emmissions tested at a certain rpm in a particular gear…this is usually where a new bike will be lean…the Finebau ‘boite noire’ does make a difference, Guys Griso was very annoying without it…
No…you shouldnt have to mess with a new bike tho…tis why we run old nails with them there carburator thingies… :laughing:

I used the FF module for most of my time with the bike and thought it perfect for purpose. The chap who now owns it took it off after noticing fouled plugs, if that was me I would have altered the unit’s stock settings, but I never had any plug fouling, just a sweet engine with no ‘rough spots’.

Interestingly I was taught the opposite, keep the revs down if not going fast as: A. you don’t need that much bhp anyway, and B. it reduces tendency for snatchy throttle, which also lessens the chance of breaking adhesion of the rear tyre if the if road is wet. Of course that may have evolved from use of 100+ bhp UJM’s.

My 750 Breva sings along very happily at 5000 rpm but hauling my over-weight carcase around it must feel as if it’s being ridden 2 up all the time.

Like Ian Dunmore, I run a 750 Breva with 35,000 miles. I don’t run an FF. When coming down from motorway speeds it feels like it is going to throw a rod around 4200 to 4000 revs, but you get used to that. My commute to work seems me bimbling along through an estate and then traffic at 1800 to 2200 with no issue. On the later quicker roads I will pick my heels up, but not with excessive rev. Only at weekends on B roads do I clear it’s throat and keep it sing along flirting with the yellow zone occasionally on a hill climb. On my IAM I realised I had to real my progress in after arriving at one agreed stop with the observer shaking and repeating “ph f pheck that was quick” six times before he could put any comments together and another time I had to drag one out a hedge just shy of a dry stone wall, so making progress was never something they felt the need to work on. Neither was restraint either mind.

:laughing: Kev…

Brilliant! I must be a complete wuss!

I take it that means you have not been circumcised.

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With gritted teeth I went out on Sunday determined to find the “sweet spot” and tailor my riding around it. I have to report that there are two: 2500-3000 and then anywhere North of 4000. I had her zinging round to 7000+ and lapping it up! Wow, what a little beaut. I have also tried riding with earplugs for the first time and find it very much more relaxing as so much of the unwanted din is taken out. I will hold off from the FF device for now and simply stick to sticking it to it a bit more! :smiley: