V7 Classic

Anyone got any experience of successfully fitting handguards to a V7 Classic? Do those for the Breva 1100/Stelvio/Norge fit - or something else?

Hi All,
Response from Piaggio re. handguards for the V7 was simply ‘not a Moto Guzzi option’; they said the engine bars were also not a V7 option, but that the bars for a 750 Breva might fit, but were not a “current model”. A back order via Corsa Italiana for the bars took, 4 months to materialise despite Simon’s regular chasers. My conclusion is that Piaggio aren’t much interested.

I’ve fitted Barkbuster Storm V7 handguards (supplied at a good price by Chainspeed). The guards have a single, bar-end fixing with a strong aluminium backbone and a sculpted plastic shield. Apart from the need to source a correct thread-length M6 allen-headed bolt and ensuring the throttle slide still rotated, fitting was easy.

Thanks, you’ve just answered a question I was going to ask.

Good info, thanks for sharing.Regards,John

Handguards are not difficult to retro fit best LOOK at some on bikes, I even fitted Norge (or mebbeStelvio) ones to the V1000 they did need cutting as the new bikes have oblong master cyl and the old un has a round one BUT a bit of work with scissors and a dremel and all good.

Here is a tip when fitting bar end “plugs” don’t use ones supplied get some of the rawlplug type ones they fit down the bars and are sprung SOoooo when you have to take out the bar ends they spring shut and come out Do NOT overtighten them and they actually grip the inside of the bars over a greater length.

To fit them you will need to buy long (I think) 8mm bolts … the hand guards also need very long bar end weights.

Best advice is to look at any bike fitted with the hand guards and then figure what fits.

Me I then look on e-bay for 2nd hand ones cos I prefer not to shell out loads of dosh.

I have also managed to retro fit the chrome guards beside the footboards as fitted to later Calis on to the V1000 and many other small items to make riding and touring a bit more comfy

I hope this helps

Therein lies the problem. My previous Guzzi (V1100) had cast, separate bars and screw-in, threaded inserts with an M6 centre. The V7 has welded-in bar-end, M6 centre-threaded inserts which protrude, but are blind-threaded (goodness knows why - it’s heaps cheaper to drill right through and open-thread through afterwards ). Because it protrudes, throttle-tube end clearance can be an issue (i.e. bolt up the handguard - throttle won’t budge) .

Because there are so many Guzzi variations (and no “official accessory options”) aftermarket suppliers don’t list many current Guzzi models, unlike other bike manufacturers, who assess what buyers are likely to specify.

Me, I’m an old-fashioned biker. I like handguards, a screen (no bigger than absolutely necessary), engine guards/crash bars (so you don’t terminally damage your bike if your old legs drop it) and generally ’ things that fit’.

The V7 Classic is a current and popular favourite : crash-bars, handguards, heated grips, 12v outlet are not “factory options”. 750 Breva Engine guards " sort-of" fit (badly). Heated grips/handguards are “not available”! Don’t get me wrong - I’m very much fond of my V7 Classic.

I do object to “having to re-invent my own wheel” because Piaggio isn’t sufficiently fussed to supply normal accessories.

I’ve built my own cars & bikes from whatever is to hand. Buying a current, apparently mainstream current Moto Guzzi, it’s disappointing to find that the initial sale seems to be the manufacturer’s aim. Tailor it to your own requirements - you’re on your own. Find something that possibly fits - at your own expense and risk.greybeard622013-05-10 19:15:50

Coming a bit late to the party, I fitted Acerbis Dual Road handguards to my 09 V7 Classic. They simply replaced the end weights and took the original fasteners and no adaptor necessary.
They do 'em in Black or White resin bash bars with removable windshields in smoky grey. Also with 5-point LED array on the leading edge, ordered extra.
I’ve had mine on a year and would buy them all over again. From Forth Gear, up in Scotland, who are reliable and personable, if a bit top-dollar. I can post some pics if wanted, just not right now at work.


Phil you kinda have re itterated what I said or was rying to say. I know you often do not get Guzzi made OEM parts , it has been the case for years. But Guzzis are not like many bikes in that they use “standard” cycle parts as opposed to the more custom ones of larger manufacturers.

Therefore very often “Universal” parts do fit.

One day Guzzi will realise that there is a huge market/profit to be made from all the goodies, especially with the V7 series and the 1400 cali where people WANT to accesorise.

Heck to get replacement luggage for the V1000 when it was damaged by a car I had to just go buy Givi, Guzzi did not supply the luggage yet Givi were the OEM bags on new bikes…go figure

The ONLY reason I had to alter the bar end weights to accomodate the handguards was that newer bikes like Norge/Stelvio fitted with hand guards have huge long end weights so I had to replace the small ones with long ones …the bars are standard so ALL end weights will fit. Without compromising the throttle.

Yeh it’s a pain finding the parts but it does make a bike more unique.

Part of “The Charm” well that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

Don’t start me on the luggage… I mean, £750-odd for leather panniers, plus the rack? Yup I’ll have a bunch of that for my budget roadster please, Mr Strapped-For-Sales Dealer *flees to Biker’s Paradise for throwovers


I was thrown a KTM accessories book (and I mean book!) at work last week. This is a company who have stitched up the aftermarket / accessories by producing every conceivable bit of bling, useful and not so useful, carbon fibre item you could possibly imagine and more!
It probably all fits to without recourse to a Dremel or pingfurk in any shape or form.
Piaggio would do well to consider both their business sense and their attention to detail. MInd you after the debacle of the Long Way Round with Boorman and MacGregor - it’s a moot point.

Yes, luggage for the V7 Stone. It’s presently an Ortlieb bag slung over the passenger seat. It’s cheap and waterproof and no hassle. Stuchi Luigi don’t answer email enquiries on luggage racks so why should I bother.
Answer: I don’t.
I know a man who may build one for me tho.Mad Farquhar2013-05-11 20:24:22

Now that Farquhar mentions it, I’ve also heard that KTM handguards fit too.