V7 Frame

Does anyone know if the frame and shocks are the same on the V7 classic 2010 and the V7 stone 2013?

I can think of no reason why, if not identical, then interchangeable. Having been wheel-to-wheel with both, they’re a visual match.


p.s. part with no money on the watery authority of this Post.

I’m fairly sure the frames are the same. They may have upgraded the shocks though, especially the rears.

Thanks for the replies!

Don’t worry, no money will be spent without referring to a tape measure!

Have you actually managed to bend a Tonti frame then?

No, the bikes fine, I’m thinking of changing the shocks.

Try setting the shocks at there softest by winding down the spring.Then test it. You may want to wind it back a little.This actually can massivly improve handling on our so smoooth roads.