V7 II ARS or EBD warning light problem

The warning light has been on more or less permanently since Christmas. My nearest dealer could not identify a problem. Last week, having booked the bike into Wheels at Peterborough for a diagnostic check, the light switched off the previous day and for the 35 mile trip to and from the dealer. Diagnostics revealed two codes, an engine misfire and an ASR light failure. The fault codes were cleared and the bike tested without any recurrence of the light remaining on. The following day, the light recommenced remaining on.

I wish to avoid throwing loads of money at a dealer without achieving a result, so would appreciate any advice from Club members.

I seem to recollect that someone had a problem with the wiring running tightly round the steering ahead on a pre-II model, possibly circa 2014.

Garth Forbes

Try the ‘V7UK’ Facebook Group. Lots of advice and info there, including that headstock wiring issue (read it there recently).
Also, remember that the system requires re-setting after tyre changes (well, at least in theory), and will also trigger lights when one tyre changes pressure considerably (the system works by comparing revolutions front and rear, so if the circumference of one wheel changes considerably it will trigger lights…)