V7 Racer Mk 2 Broken gear linkage

Anyone else experienced this?

It’s a stud that’s snapped?

Did it break during normal use?

Yep luckily just outside house. Selected first gear and lever disappeared. Guzzi have accepted warranty claim just waiting for parts.

So further to this linkage repaired under warranty. Dealer carried out an annual service (3000 miles) and I received a phone call today to tell me that there was no air filter fitted!

Personally I think the bike was delivered from Italy like this as I don’t think there is a requirement to check the air filter during the PDI and at the initial service. More importantly what are the ramifications of running the engine for 3000 miles without an air filter fitted?

Appreciate your thoughts.

That’s a difficult one. Unless you’ve ridden your bike behind a 4WD down a dusty track, I’d say you’ve not much to worry about. After all bikers used to ride around with open bellmouth carburettors in the old days. At least your bike has a tucked-away airbox which makes it difficult for grit to get to the engine.

My thoughts as well Gripper