V7 special front brake

Good morning all . From tomorrow I am allowed to ride again after a heart attack so being up early today I thought just check dirty gurtie over . I discovered that the front disc was apparantly loose. Just the outer section but a movement of at least 1mm. Is this normal or do I need to urgently bone my dealer? Thanks

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The discs should “float” so some side to side movement would be expected. What you can’t have is radial play, ie. front to back.


The float allows the disc to move across the axis of the spindle. With the caliper removed or pads backed off they can even rattle on the wheel slightly. As Brian says, radial movement should e minimal, although without some clearance the disc would not float. It is this that give the front brake that metallic fluttering noise when you anchor on from speed.

Wouldnt recommend you ’
bone’ yer dealer either …
Continue on with yer recovery Noel, all the best, Kate and Guy x
Cheroos will be gentle with you I bet cos he’ll know…

Not so sure about that . . . .

Cabernet2013-08-03 10:51:51

Ha Ha the very same dealer lol.Thanks for the info I can go play tomorrow .