V7 Special running in

Any advice on running in my new V7 Special? I can’t find anything in the owners handbook.

dont labour the engine ie use a high gear and low revs, and dont let it rev too hard for the first 500 miles
as the miles build up, let it rev a little more
they take until about 8K to loosen up fully


Your flashing red triangle warning light should be set to start flashing at 4,500 rpm, so that’s the max. Moto Guzzi don’t want you to exceed. Otherwise what Rapheal said. In practice I found it perfectly capable of UK legal speeds, including 70 mph, without any apparent effort. I used the gears to keep it between 3 and 4k rpm (80% torque at 3k). In fact most of the time I still do that. HTH. :grin:

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