V7 Stone fuel tank connector

I’m trying to get my tank off for another job but can’t get this connector apart. I’ve released the line pressure via the starter & dis-connected fuel pump trick but am now stuck at the final step.This is a new type for me and I’m assuming you have to squeeze the two green “buttons” to release it. Am I right and also, do I need a special tool to do it? I can just about get hold of the two buttons but can’t get enough of a squeeze grip to separate it. Any info would be welcomed!Regards,John

There is usually a very tight O ring also in there, so squeezing plus gentle wiggling may be the way forward.

Thanks Brian, I’ll give it another go when I build up the courage to go out into the garage and brave the cold!Regards,John

Also may be worth pushing the fitting together before the squeeze and wiggle action.

Is that a new style of connector? Guzzi’s old fuel tank connector was difficult too. How ironic that it’s replacement has a similar issue. Anyway, the other posters gave the hints I would suggest, and you’ve already tried the technique of reducing the fuel line pressure. I wish I had more ideas.

Thanks for the responses so far. I’m going to order or make a pair of tongs to squeeze the buttons with one hand and then wiggle it free with the other,he says hopefully.By the way, this is the connector positioned just under the tank fastening bolt, the original PITA type is still on the fuel pump plate on the left of the tank in the bulge. Maybe this new one was put there to make life easier for the teccies?Regards,John

B#gger the teccies, how about making life easier for me.

Well, with a bit of squeezin, wigglin, pullin and jigglin I managed to get it off. Pictures enclosed which might be useful to any other member doing similar.First three pics show the hose on the tank with the two different connectors, all taken from front of tank.Last pic shows the spigot and T-piece which the green connector engages, just visible above throttle cablesRegards,John