V7 Stone fuel tank

Hi Readers

I have just bought a 1 year old V7 Stone. It has a metal tank which I want to remove to fit the wires to a sat nav mount. I removed the bolt at the back of the tank but it would only lift up a couple of cm. I don’t have a workshop manual so not sure how it is fixed. I had a Breva 1100 which was easy to remove the tank  as it lifted quite high so I could see the wires and quick( allegedly !) release fuel pipe.

Can anyone help please?
 PS I’m really chuffed with  the bike


It only lifts a little, yep, but it’s the same story: you need to release the fuel hose in the same manner. It clips to the l/h rear end. Then the tank slides back off its rubber-mounted lugs at the headstock end. You just have to do it blind if that’s all the ‘free’ you’ve got in your hose.