V7 Stone oil choice

I recently bought a V7 Stone and find that some pretty expensive 10w60 engine oil is specified. I can find a number of brands that meet or better the Guzzi spec (some more pricey than others). Does anyone have any views on the following:Castrol Edge TRIPLE QX SynPlus Rock Oil SynthesisCarlube Triple-RNo more Halfords own brand as far as I can see!Roger S

Using Castrol Edge in my V7 and will use in the Cali 1400 if I ever need to top up. No issues. Apart from cost!
Tiz only money!

Thanks - web searching comes up with some ‘deals’ but as you say, still expensive.

But, but, but, the V7 Stone lube oil capacity is almost half of the big ones. I bought from Opie, club discount so the cost is IMHO marginal. Oil and filter package too.
Castrol Edge is my choice.

I think sometimes the manual is not quite right What I would do is call

  1. Paul at Corsa ask him what HE uses

  2. Opie oils are also very good with reccomendations, give a club discount and deliver quickly

  3. Euro parts have a big sale on oil at the moment worth taking a look as Castrol Edge is one on offer

I have a Europarts that is close to my daily route to work - they have a choice so I’ll call in there. Ta.

And Euro Car Parts have 30% off all engine oils at the moment. Use the code PAT30 when ordering.These codes usually only work with online ordering, using click and collect. I stocked up on Castrol Edge 10W60 when Opie had a sale, buy 4 litres get one free, and buy 2 x 4 litres get another 4 free. So I ended up paying for 2 lots of 4 litres and received 3 x 4l plus 3 x 1litre, plus the oil filters were half price.
Brian UK2014-03-19 13:40:34

Thanks! St Pat’s day code worked for me.

i bought mine in bulk from motomeccait was pricey but it has to work hardoil cheap=bearings expensiveand I ride it hard no rattles yet
rapheal glynn2014-03-19 21:20:42