V7 Stone rear suspension/comfort

My wife and I had a test ride on the V7 Stone a few weeks ago - see the write up elsewhere in this forum. We both liked it, but the only fly in the ointment was the rather harsh suspension. Coupled with the thin flat set, my wife is a little worried it may start to become an issue on longer journeys.

We know that the one we did a test ride on had the suspension “cranked up” a bit - there was quite a lot of thread visible below the adjuster ring. I have also read of people fitting better quality shocks.

Everything else about the bike is lovely, and my wife did not find the position as cramped as I had feared. Has anyone got more experience of the V7 Stone, ideally with a passenger, and can they comment on the suspension adjustment or modifications, please?

i think you will be advised to go down to the softest setting then go up from there. Sure someone else will be along later to corroborate. (Or not.) At least the concensus seems to be Guzzi’s work best on soft settings.

Agree MikeH, the range of adjustment is very useful.
Twos-up be prepared for some bottoming out when you slacken it right off, then tighten by increments until you find a sweet spot, I’m guessing 5-9 turns showing beneath the adjuster ring.


As a lardy assed Hielander (100 kgs) who allegedly pogo’s along the road (Padgman speak) on his V7 Stone I am considering Hagon shocks for the V7 Stone. Mind you there is limited Hagon substitutes so I am also considering Bitubo units - but not impressed with them so far.

What ever I go for will require to have the facility to be rebuilt. Obsolescence is not acceptable.

The original Sachs are not too bad considering their cost - but require a good deal of “preload” (~50%) for my liking.

Bear in mind it’s a relatively light machine (185 kg) so consider this when travelling two up!

I am solo on the machine so maybe my experience is of less value

I’m looking at getting wilbers for mine. They build them to order to the specification you want http://wilberssuspension.co.uk/ecoline.php
I too am having wife/comfort issues.

I’ve tried the softest setting and a gel seat.

Yes I agree Guzzi’s in general handle better with soft rear suspension.Afterall Guzzi invented the working rear swinging arm with suspension anyway.I have heard several complaints about the V7 seat and my one experience of it agrees, Guzzi have gone back to the lemon 1, 11, 111 idea of (dis)comfort.