V7 tankslapper

I had a mark 1 V7 Special and I trashed it on the A9 in a horredous tankslapper after going through a series of potholes on the dual carriageway. Does anyone else find the steering a bit twichy? My mark 2 seems less nervous.

Yes, I find the steering a bit twitchy/ loose on my 2013 V7 Stone. I also noticed with the Pirelli Sport Demons that the rear would weave going over white lines. I’m happier now with my Conti Road Attack 2 radials. I’ve read of people raising the forks in the clamps to change the steering feel. I also asked the dealer to tighten the steering bearing a couple of years ago. I’d rather the bike had a 17 inch front wheel, but presumably that isn’t retro enough. At least it’s better than the wheel and tyre sizes on the v9s.

Sadly I can’t fit radial tyres to my wire-wheeled Special. I agree the Demons weave on white lines. I think I might try Bridgestones next.

I had the startings of a slapper on my Breva whilst passing over pronounced painter chevrons. Leant forward and it settled out. Switched to Bridgestone BT45 and not had a front end wobble since. The back shimmers a bit on white lines when the tyres are warn, but attach the line at a good angle, no probs

drop tyre pressures a bit

Don’t know about the V7, but the Breva feels dull on under inflated tyres.

Agree with the above.
BT45’s, 42 psi front, 44 rear.