V7 tool kit


Starting to build up my touring tool kit for the V7 and found that my plug socket won’t reach and the various MZ, Triumph and BMW box wrenches I’ve acquired over the years won’t reach or won’t turn.

Would anyone be able top suggest something suitable for measure theirs? Tool that is. I mean plug spanner.



is that a new V7 or the older model ?

General purpose tool kit; mobile phone with breakdown service on speed dial plus a credit card. Works on all makes and all models. ;-)BobV72014-08-08 16:10:50

For a touring kit I use a box spanner.
Got a set of them from Machine Mart for <£10 and picked out the one I needed.
Best of luck

Unless you do the basics yourself which can lead to either bike fixed and no recovery or avoiding the 2 hour delay when they send out a little van and a bloke who says ‘can’t fix it you need recovering’
All the best

For a V7 Stone:
This is a job for tomorrow - the tools and spares inventory will be photographed. I have picked up, what I believe to be a suitable case from Tescos which I think will fit along the rear mudguard depression where the original was fitted.

V7 Stone

The plug spanner required is a 16mm long reach thin wall. Don’t buy off e-bay, the one described by bike model in at least one posting is just plain wrong (21mm thing meant for a car turned up). I think there might also be a version of the engine in older V7 Racers that uses a 14mm plug.

If the RAC card and mobile idea works you aren’t heading for the right places!

I’ve got the basics (adjustable thing for rounding bolt heads, multi-thing for skinning knuckles etc.) in the tool roll Guzzi supplied with the first aid kit tucked alongside and the bulb kit on top of the battery. I’ve fitted two tube containers under the rack. One has a proper mushroom plug puncture kit and back up bicycle pump (4 new CO2 cartridges = 20 PSI, 100 strokes of the pump = 1 PSI so no contest which you use first!). The electric pump will go in the luggage if I get more than a few days to go play out alone. The second tube has the multimeter, control cable bodgers kit and space for a few odds and ends like spare straps. Hopefully it’ll stay like that but experience suggests that once you try and use a bike properly you soon find bits that play up. With the Bonneville it was the coil and something like that would fit in the extra space.

Fortunately there seems no need to carry top up oil like on my old XT.

I’ll post some picture links once I have the list closer to finished.


Well that’s handy - 16mm long reach thin wall. I was wondering about that particular item. Got the rest sorted. Fuses - spares fuses? A sparky mate of mine decided to test the cheap fuses he bought on eBlag- they all popped at 30 Amp, even the 5 amp coloured / marked ones - you have been warned. Buy these from reputable sources.
Kit so far is on the bench - apart from fuses and the plug spanner - oh, and a spare plug.

Unless you're displaying "No Service" 'cause there's no signal.     One time I had to walk to a filling station and ask if I could use their landline 'phone cos I couldn't get a signal. Sod's Law at work.    But otherwise in general principle, yes.

No signal. Happened to me on Salisbury Plain. Some bugger in a tank shot the phone out of my hand!

(Actually it’s just somewhere you can’t seem to get a good signal. Bit ironic really, considering!)BobV72014-08-15 23:24:58

Just waiting for spare plugs to arrive. The local motor factor doesn’t do them. Must find a small case for fuses too. Almost there.Mad Farquhar2014-08-16 06:22:28

So far so good.

Feeler gauges, spare plug(s) and a tyre plugger kit to add and that will be it.
edit: Haven’t actually tried the plug spanner yet - will do when the plugs arrive - may need some modification.Mad Farquhar2014-08-17 14:48:32

Roadside headscratcher here throwing money at the screen


I always seem to carry too manny tools on bikes and in cars.
Seldom need much at all and will take a leaf from your book,
All the best

And if you tend to do long trips as I do, you’ll need the allen keys & sockets to do your fluid changes on the road. At least with the Stone, you won’t need the tools to remove the wheels & change the tube should you get a flat. My tool kits & spares tend to be pretty comprehensive (and seem to get used, too).