V7III special ABS

help please
had a puncture in the front wheel and rode home very slowly, fitted new tyre and tube and pushed the disc pads back to get wheel in and now the front brake has gone very spongy, the 2 orange warning light are flashing and the bike has no power it is in limp mode, bleed the brake and no air came out so i am puzzled as to what is wrong, someone said as i rode it with a flat tyre the wheel speed was wrong and the computer now says no!!!
I have fitted a new front tyre before and not had this problem so i can only guess it something to do with riding it with a flat to get home.

Ken (Oxford branch)


I think, but I’m not certain, that I’ve read on this forum that there is a way of resetting the ABS when this situation occurs.

You might be able to find it by doing a search.


OK, I’ve just checked the manual. You can reset the ABS as follows:

Start the engine.
With the engine running, press and hold down the start button for at least 2 seconds. The ABS light might change and then be on and not flashing any more. The ABS is now deactivated.
Now switch off the engine.
Start the engine again and the ABS should be re-enabled, activated and working properly.

I hope this helps!

And secondly, spongy brake is almost certainly because the pistons were pushed back, when they’ve pumped out again to normal position should be as before, we’re assuming the hydraulics were not disturbed? Until the last bleeding of course. This has happened to me EVERY time I’ve disturbed pads or replaced, to some degree or other, and it can take a while of use to get back to hard again.

thanks guys, but no luck so far, got the diag stuff on my laptop and got the cables, error P1607 invalid signal (saved data file) according to the workshop manual it says replace the ECU
surely you dont have to do that
Front caliper is sticking a bit but the brake is still very soft.
any ideas would be helpfull

how long is the warranty on the new V7III bikes, mine is just over 2 years old.

2 years

Well mine was 9 years ago :confused:

disabled the abs as per the info above, and power is back. but front brake is still soft and not working properly.