V85 launch date

According to the morebikes website the v85 will launch in europe in january 2019, form an orderly que :laughing: .


Hope the Roadster ain’t so far behind.

So it should reach Mars around early 2021!

Not unless they can get a few more horses out of the old block.
Still want one and will be happy if they use that time to ensure there are no teething troubles.
The eternal optimist, that’s me.

Cracking news! They will sell boat loads if they get the price right

Wherever the que is i am in it .

I am holidaying in Como this week (not with the Guzzi unfortunately) I picked up the latest copy on Moto ciclismo and there is a 5 page article on the V85. It has some new pictures in different colours and one with panniers. It says that they have altered the headlamp mounting so it is frame mounted.

Apologies can’t get the images to display but the links work



Updated photos

Looks impressive to me, now the Stelvio is no longer in production it may well be a goer!

Not sure about the colour schemes and the beak looks a bit flimsy, but I still want one!

This week’s MCN has an article giving more technical details and stating will be in showrooms by February. Looks like it might really happen!!

Just put my deposit down. Said I’d never buy a brand new model again after my issues with the early GS watercooled, but hey ho life’s very short and I’m getting no younger.

Anybody fancy a very nice 1100 Breva :frowning:

Nice one Steve. Looking forwards to seeing it at a branch meet when you get it.

Has anyone seen the seat height mentioned anywhere?

I really like the look of the bike, but as one of the 29" inside leg brigade most bikes like this are “challenging” shall we say!!

Dealer informs me that he believes there will be 3 different seat heights, between 790 and 830 mm. Dry weight…208kg Wet…229. I’m also 29" inside leg and my Tiger 1200 is 835mm on the low setting and about 75lb heavier. To be honest I do find the Tiger a bit of a handful at very low speed, so I’m hoping the TT is going to be less so.

Tiger not going anywhere though. I’ve yet to find anything that you can load up like the Tiger 1200 and it still munches miles with complete comfort and confidence.

Another site has posted a lot of details you may well be interested in … The seat height is reported to be 32.7 inches … I hope the “roadster” is a tad lower than that … Also, would love to see two “proper” round analogue clocks, and two chrome exhausts … I do hope I am not deluding myself… Regards, Tony

790mm - now we’re talking

Same height as my Big Breva but lighter (208Kg v 233Kg) - we might be in here :open_mouth:

I’ve seen some pictures of the bike in red from EICMA. Looked well.
Here’s a promotional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtbFxAoESaA
Plenty of interest out there
Have fun