V85TT - is it a small block Guzzi?

Do we need/want a sub-forum for the V85TT or do we leave it with the small blocks as it is enginewise?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Ciao Uki

NO, :imp:

Uki, it depends on the number of posts. We used to have a Bellagio Banter thread that was widely supported.

No explanation Buzz?

Good question Uki!
Agree with Chris. See how many posts we get with reference to the V85TT and any subsequent comon platform models.
If there is one in the future we can market it as a way to attract owners to the forum.
Have fun

Every other forum has a separate V85 section.

John, is your avitar on Photobucket? It seems to have faded with a logo across it. I changed to ImgBB for the same reason (which is still free) :smiley:

Yes, it is! (on Photobucket)

I did wonder why it can gone are blurry :smiley:

Changed it! The quality is a bit iffy, but it will do. Thanks for the link.

Much more betterer!

No problem

The small block has the swing arm hanging off the gear box.
The big block has the swing arm hanging off the frame.

There’s sure to be another V85 model soon, I hope so anyway, and I imagine forum traffic will increase significantly.
The V85TT certainly rides differently to the V7, engine details and frame layout are quite different. OK, the gearbox is common…

Hi all,

I was just gauging if we/you want a seperate section for the V85TT!

We have one in the garage, along with various other Guzzis and even I can see and hear it’s different (also talk at the dinner table informs me of it) :wink: , so I will add a new sub section for the V85TT.

Cheers Uki

Good call
Thanks Uki