V85tt. Throttle body.

Does the V85 have twin throttle bodies like the Breva 750, or single throttle body like the V7 ii & iii.?

According to adventuremotorcycle.com review, “52 mm single throttle body, Ride-by-Wire”

I wouldn’t have thought they’d “gone back” to twin TB’s


I wonder if the Breva 850 CARC throttles could be grafted on.

Why. all the reports I have seen state the single throttle body is more powerfull and efficient.

I have ridden two single throttle V7. Both had a horse throaty induction tract under the seat which is initially disconcerting and after a while my become tiresome. Every time I have handed them back for the Breva 750 or Nevada ie the sewing machine smoothness of the twin throttles has been welcomed, offering a “plushness” to quote another rider. As for the power difference, can’t say it was huge enough to get excited about.
I am not saying the V7 is a bad bike. I am just not sure it would draw out the best riding from me long term.

OK but that’s a V7 not a V85. Maybe get a test ride on a V85? Before leaping to conclusions. :smiley:

And everything else needed to make them work. Not an ice cream’s chance in a oven, I expect. :smiley:

Plan to when the Roadster is out. Chelsea tractors aren’t for me.

Sounds like a monumental faff. You’re going to get an 11+ grand bike then start messing it about. I’d just put petrol in and ride it. But just IMHO. :smiley: But as I said next step is get a test ride on a V85 to find out, it may not be the same. :smiley:

Having never ridden one I will reserve judgement…

And as I said, I plan to when the Roadster comes out.