valeo starter

Looks like the solenoid on my starter has given up the ghost, as the thing is 20odd years old I would think that the rest of it is not far behind, spotted a new one on german e-bay €67 + postage :open_mouth:,
Looks too good to be true, (just a new solenoid in the uk is £20odd)
Anyone bought one of these?
Are they any good?

We get what we assume are Valeo copies from Potteries Diesel…under 85 quid with the vat…really work well on the loops n tontis…

Cheers Kate, will give them a bell,

Are you sure it’s not the click no crank problem?
Check it ot by shorting a spanner across the 2 big connections on the back of the solenoid, that should spin the starter without engaging.
Then short from the top connection to the spade connector on top of the solenoid, that should spin and engage the starter.

Definitely not the wiring, did all the usual tests, no click whatsoever so repair or replace?
Replace I reckon

Good idea :bulb:
Have the Valeo on my Mongrel and it’s proved reliable. Seems more eager to spin which helps the battery out. Also a lot lighter than the original.
Good luck

Did you do what Don said?

“no click whatsoever”

^ What does this mean, usually the click is the relay (the ubiquitous “click no start” means relay is moving but starter won’t); solenoid should be a big ‘clonk!’ not a ‘click’.

If relay not even working then no, nuffink happens. But starter could still be good. Ergo Don’s tests.


Thanks for the ideas, I might have missed something,
Just wired the bike from scratch, relay clicks, 12v at the connection to the solenoid when the starter button is pushed, no clunk whatsoever, (done several), double checked everything, (also checked it on the bench), potteries starter is ordered and hopefully on it’s way :smiley:

Fairy nuff long as you’re sure it’s definitely NOP