Valve covers

Hi guys, what is the best way to polish the valve covers without taking them off, thanks.

Take them off to polish them, otherwise you will not get around to the back/inside.

Any reason for not taking them off?
Could you double up with checking valve clearances?

I use my knees, mostly under braking.

Valve clearances are like plain clothes coppers, they’re under cover… where did I leave my coat?

The coat won’t help. Maybe a cloak of invisibility? :wink:
Have fun

With the right attachment tied to your leg you could polish the top and bottom (of the valve covers!)
I’ll bet they’ll be on sale at the Bristol Show :bulb:

Many years ago I took mine off and gave them to a bloke to do it on a machine. Buffed up much better than I could have done.

Good call.
There are some god polishers out there.

There are some god polishers out there.
Are they connected in any way with god botherers.
I too shall collect my protective outer garment. :smiley: