Valve diameters

to save me time sorting out , there might be a very clever person out in guzzi land that knows the valve diameters of the bikes along with the valve stem diameters
if you know some of them please let me know so i can put them on my list

or does anyone know of a list already out in internet land ?

From Guzziology:Big twin head diameters:V7 = in 38.5 ex 34.5Ambo, Eldo, V7sport, 850T/T3/SP/Conv/G5/SP2/mille/Cal 2&3 up to '93 = in 41 ex 36.LM 1/2/3 /Strada/Cali3 (post '93)/Cali1100/SP3/1000S = in 44 ex 37Sport 1100 in 46.5 ex 39.5LM 4&5/ big valve Cali in 47 ex40 No sizes given for Small block 2 or 4 valvers. Big block stem diameters are suggested as all being 8mm but no definitive list. Cheers, Gerry.