Ventilating the bell housing on a G5

Posted this question on the other site as well , so old hat to some readers .

Has anyone ventilated the bell housing just below the Gearbox by drilling a few holes to help with cooling the clutch area , just wondering if its anything to do with a very light flywheel i now have maybe this isnt helping to dissipate some heat from the plate?.

Just replacing the whole clutch due to very bad juddering on take off,checked the old intermediate plate which has warped , it was only touching approx 1/2 inch on the inner part all the way round on one side and the same on the outer of the other side , plate is dished .

I’ve seen somewhere this can be caused by the plate warping when hot , a remedy was to drill and slot the plate in equal distances to take the stress out of the plate when hot , this stopped the plate warping. Don’t really want to do this to the new plate , but might try the venting idea , so just a wondering if anyone else had tried this .

Have fitted a new clutch etc from S D to my T3 with no problems,so maybe i’m worrying for no reason , but its so easy to give a helping hand now , rather than when its all back together .
Cheers Chill

Hi Chilly, just a few thoughts on warping clutch plates, had this problem on a Spada many years ago, the problem was caused by the plates notching the splines on the centre, which caused the plates to be bent during clutch actuation, a few hours with a riffler file plus new plates sorted it out. It might be possible to ventilate the bell housing but I bet lots of road muck and water will end up in there.
Cheers, Gerry.

Bigger topic for this on guzziriders, general concensus is won’t do eff all except weaken the bell housing…

PS: original question was has anyone done this, don’t think anyone we know has!

Thanks for the info Duffo , was just curious really about that venting mod , not going to do it at the moment , will try the new parts first , not influenced by others who haven’t tried it , i will only be influenced by someone who has (if ever i find that person ;>).
Have now bought the clutch package from SD so have the 4 mm spline plates + new center boss which all worked fine on my standard T3.

Now have a question about the speedo drive , i’ve pulled off the G/Box cover and removed the speedo drive but i’m buggered if i can work out where the ball bearing that fell out goes + does it have two hardened thrust washers on the spindle above and below the worm gear, mine only had one sitting above the worm? .
Does the ball bearing sit in the outer cover supporting the speedo drive spindle ?.
I have many workshop manuals including Guzzioligy + parts list but cannot find any info on this ball ,only to say be carefull not to lose it :>)

Hi Chill, the ball bearing drops into the groove inside the speedo drive and locks it to the splines on the output shaft, the “do not lose it” bit refers to not letting it fall into the gearbox. The worm drive has one hardened shim washer, which can also come off when the worm drive is extracted so make sure there is not another in the 'ole. Hope this helps.
Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks Gerry , great help mate ,buggered if i could work it out , all pretty simple now :blush:
Gutsibits are sending a S/Hand washer , apparently you can’t buy them seperately you have to buy it with the complete drive unit at £55 -00 :laughing: