Warning light battery

Bike has been running fine until last Friday morning then i noticed warning light came on & stayed on . Two weeks before that i went through some really high water but had no issues during or after going through until that Friday morning . I have rechecked wiring & earth connections & rectifier all ok & voltage went from 12.8 to 13.9 & when revved light never went out . So I have bought A new battery 44 ah & put in sidecar all still working fine but warning light still coming on this light should go out above 2000 revs but no any ideas where to go from here ? This time it did flicker on & off

What bike is it?

Cali 1100i 95 - took a good run today it stayed on the whole time never dulledbut stayed same brightness main beam goes bright with higher rpms bike running fine besides that have not checked voltage yet could my alternator be playing up after the drowning & sticking somewhere & not producing the power for light to go out . I have another cali 1100i 96 should i change something & what ?

There was a trick to alleviate this problem, which involved putting 12v across the stator coils to re-energise it, has been so long since I did it cannot remember the exact process, perhaps others with less brain fade can remember?

Doesn’t sound right, 12V across the ROTOR field winding (brushes), yes, but I don’t think this bike has that kind of alternator? So can’t do that

No apparently not. :smiley:


As a rough guess I’d say regulator problem, as lamp is worked by regulator ~ I know one thing about these the earth wire connection has to be perfect, could that be what was affected by the drenching?

Cheers all going to take reg/ rec of other bike & try that & double check all connections

Thx all for feed back - i have taken rectifier of other bike & reconnected to other bike all working fine again :smiley: - anybody got a rectifier for sale to fit cali 1100i 96 !!

There are lots of generic regulator/rectifier units which will do the job but unfortunately they don’t incorporate a warning light like the OEM version.

I think (but I’m not 100% sure) that the Electrex World units are direct replacements.


If your alternator is the Saprisa permanent magnet type then Stein Dinse stock the OEM regulators at a very reasonable price.