Warranty question

I went to my local dealers today, Mo-Tech in Newcastle to see about extending the warranty on my ‘68 plate V7…first reg according to the DVLA website in Oct 2018. The dealer took my reg number and informed me that as a 2016 bike (V7ii) that the warranty ran out in 2018.
This being according to the ‘Guzziweb’ he was perusing on his screen…
Now I’m wondering where I stand with this as my bikes plate says 2018, the DVLA website says 2018, but the dealer says 2016…
I don’t want to get arsey, but I’ve only had the bike a week, and it’s immaculate with only 1830 miles on the clock so I don’t foresee any probs arising, however I think that the dealer may be mistaken but how can he do anything if the reg doesn’t comply with what ‘Guzzi’ database says?

This is not uncommon. My registered 2003 V11 has many hallmarks of a 2002 machine or earlier. Yours probably stood with the dealer looking for top price, then had to let it go before the V7iii was available. How you go forward with extended warranty I don’t know and not a route I would take.

Hi Graeme,

I was just going to say something but I hear that my husband has already pitched into this on the V7 Facebook group.
Unfortunately it’s a 2016 bike.

All the best with sorting this

Cheers Uki

Cheers matey

My first Guzzi is a 1974 850T but was only first registered in 1977 due to the oil crisis and three day week etc it languished in a dealers, I bought it second hand in 1985. I think also with the advent of the T3 it was seen as old fashoned with drum rear brake. My latest Guzzi is a 2010 stelvio NTX first registered in March 2011. I bought it as a new bike and got a good deal from Newcolmbe Bros in Chelmsford as they wanted to get it sold to make way for the larger tank version, so to me this difference of dates is understandable.

The warranty on the Stelvio ran for two years after the sale and first registration date 1st March 2011. If your bike was only registered in late 2018 I would think it should still be covered. You need to look at the wording of your current warranty and see if the start date is specified and when that was.

Best of luck