Was not expecting that

Last week I took the plunge and bought my first MG (V7 III Carbon) from local dealers in Bristol, they kindly offered to drop it off as their driver had to pass my home each day. It duly arrived the next day and i was handed all the usual info and left to get on with it. All pretty obvious (though some of the sub setting on the mode button are a bit obscure).

However one thing puzzled me, the little bag within a bag fixed to the frame under the seat. So rand the dealer, and they had no idea, had never seen one. Checked booklet, nothing so thought I would email Moto Guzzi direct, only email address I could find on the main site was for press, so sent the email and a photo of the bag to that.

Two hours later i had a phone call, chap was obviously calling from another country and i initially suspect it was just a scammer who was going to claim to be from BT/ Microsoft/ whatever but transpired it was from Moto Guzzi - he asked me to conform the bikes VIN number then said, yes we have that, its a Carbon so thats a cover for the seat to keep it dry in the rain ! (by the way its supposed to be waterproof but I did have my doubts, seems MG did too lol)

Anyhow, most impressed with that level of service, wish more manufacturers were like that!

Hi Kez
The poor response from Moto Guzzi is legendary.
This is a great example that they can get it right.
Thanks very much for sharing the story.
It would be great if you could pass it on to Roger for inclusion in the next Gambalinga.
Enjoy the bike.

Hi Steve, more than happy for it to be copied and used if it helps - please feel free to send it to whoever - am not a full member (yet) so seems very limited as to what i can do on here. Also seems very buggy, keep having to log out then in again to even see some sections :open_mouth:

Hi Kez,
Two issues.
Our webmaster is working on the glitches. Bear with us.
If you don’t get full access in the next week it may be worth a quick message to him to let him know.
All the best

Thanks Steve, glad its not me, was starting to get paranoid !