Waterproof gear

Picking up the Norge tomorrow :smiley:
Any recommendations for waterproof kit? Preferably under about £250 for jacket and trousers.

I’ve given up on textile ‘weatherproofs’ and have gone back to using plastic overtrousers. Not great for very warm weather but the are cheap and 100% waterproof (until they catch the hot exhaust!).
I bought one of these three years ago and it’s a great jacket. Again 100% waterproof. Rolls up small and can be used as a walk to the pub jacket on its own http://www.getgeared.co.uk/Motorcycle_Waterproofs-HELD_Motorcycle_Rain_Jacket_Mistral_II?gclid=CKThiIyIrNICFe0y0wodtXAOfA&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping_feed_gg17
The obvious disadvantage is having two jackets etc. For me it’s worth it to stay dry :bulb:
All the best

wife and i have got armr-moto gear and we are both very impressed


Streffords in Worcester keep good range in stock

Am in agreement with Steve on that one…unless you can stretch to Klim or Rukka…

I purchased a modern textile two piece water proof suit, mainly to let me change quickly into normal clothes
most times it works well, but under very heavy rain on a long ride the water eventually get through, mainly the pockets and zips
if its really cold I wear leathesr underneath

however on my last long trip back over the Alpine passes both myself and my passenger wore one piece water proof over-suits on top of all that lot
we kept warm and dry
very few suits will keep all of the wet out, after all the rain is being fired at you at pretty high speeds
my one piece came from Heine Geiricke some years ago and remains totally water proof
other than that I have found modern motor cars have the ability to keep you warm and dry, but I find them rather boring

I agree with previous posts. I’ve owned many textile jackets and trousers over the years, Dainese and BMW being the best, but all let water in over an extended ride in foul weather.
If you’re camping with no means of drying out your sodden gear, you’re stuck with it for the duration.
I now do my riding in leathers and carry a Sidi lightweight oversuit. Ok, you have to stop and put it on if the weather changes, and like most others, I’ve been caught out by carrying on hoping it’s just a shower!
But oversuits, be they all in one or jacket and trousers, are on the whole bullet proof, and all your leathers stay dry for when the sun comes out…

Yes I find I keep using my ancient Rivetts nylon overtrousers, I like my textile jacket but is best described as shower-proof, may seem a bit bizarre but the (removable) lining is waterproof, while the outer shell isn’t. (!) If weather’s really wet tho I put on a thin nylon overjacket over the top, also keeps the wind out better too if weather is cold, so that works quite well.

So conclusion seems to be, nylon over-wotsits. :smiley:

Waterproof gear has always been an issue for me. I use an over-jacket and trousers mainly 'cos I like leathers. Being very tall, I can’t wear a one-piece suit as them do try to cut me in 'arf. I wear a hi viz jacket and camo trousers. Someone said I really should make my mind up about whether I want to be seen or not.

The over trousers have waterproof zips from hip to ankle on each side which makes the one-leg-in-the-trouser-dance easier. Both items have been totally waterproof and we do get some rain in these parts. Didn’t let the water in when I was hosed down to get the road muck off either.

Never found any textile suit that is waterproof in the full sense. Use two piece oxford over suit now that does work but is essentially a boil in the bag solution. Must put on before textiles are rained on.

A local accessories dealer always reckoned oilskins were best ! :laughing:



As an ex-motorcycle courier I have tested four of the jackets to 80,000 each.

At that point they start to delaminate on the sternum. The trousers I am on my first pair still. In 2014 I rode to Stelvio and back. It rained all but one day. I was the only dry rider through out and the trousers remain watertight today.

Rokker jeans.£349.00 not cheap but work.
Feibings Mink Oil makes leather waterproof.

Checked these out but i have no idea what size to get as the sizing has no info as to waist size or leg length ?

Jacket only in small at the moment :<( .

I like this idea, similar to what i wear at the moment but it needs updating.

Cabernet, When they get xxl in I will try.
I assume they do not take up much space.

Ditto, worth a punt. :smiley:

If you have a Goretex-type fabric jacket which is no longer properly waterproof, try treating it with Nikwax products - they can revitalise these things very effectively for moderate cost, which can save a lot of unnecessary outlay.

I have a quite old BMW Tourguard jacket which I have washed with Tech Wash and reproofed with TX Direct several times. You simply do it in the washing machine, although you need to make sure there is no fabric conditioner residue in the thing first, as that interferes. Seems to give the jacket an extra year’s life every time I do it - which is good with a piece of kit which cost more than £500 in the first place. I’m going to have to replace it soon as the stitching is actually wearing out and it has holes in most of the pockets so my keys keep slipping down inside the lining (very uncool!), but with this stuff it’s still waterproof.

Nikwax leather treatment is good for leathers and gloves and even leather seats, too. I’m a fan… :smiley:

Details here: http://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/productselector/productselector.php

I agree with IanB that textile clothing needs maintaining but my Dane textile clothing is one of the best romper suits I have worn.
It has however suffered the same fault as some of my other gear and shrunk over the years.
Still that is the affect of riding in warm British rain.

Well thank you all - plenty of food for thought.

And gloves? I have some waterproof ones but they’re just too bulky for me - anybody got a pair that they would recommend?

Hi Welshguzzi, … Oh, this a very wide ranging subject … We probably all have horror stories of how we bought supposedly “waterproof” gloves, and ended up realising we’ve wasted our money … I don’t ride all year round, and have bought waterproof gloves on too many occasions … each time they gave me a sore foot …! … From repeatedly kicking myself !!! I have osteo arthritis in every digit, ( the end joint in every one )… After a lifetime of having no luck with gloves, I realised that, “you only get what you pay for” … So, with a great deal of scepticism, I tried on a pair of Rukka gloves … Lobster type, 3-fingered … Well, 2 and a thumb… The inner portion is like a typical glove, 5 sections, and the outer shell, 3 sections … The fit was absolute perfection … and the price was reduced … Still , £99 …!! I have never ever dreamt I would pay so much … I am glad I did… I new on the cold ride home these were something else … A week later they had a baptism of fire, by taking me home through a deluge of biblical proportions, from Camarthenshire to Lancashire, without any cold or wet getting through to my warm pain free fingers … It’s taken me six decades to find something that lives up to the manufacturers claims … I only wish I’d tried them years ago … I’m sure everyone has their own favourites … Hope this helps you in your choice … Regards, Tony …