What am I missing? - T3

I have a 1980 850-T3 Cali.
Under the headlight there is a cross member between the forks that has a screwed stud sticking out and several earth wires are attached to it.
Bathed in Coppaslip it looks terrible and I feel that there must be something like a cover that disguises it but I do not have such a thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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This is only a convenient spot to connect the various earth wires to the main loom earth wire that goes back to a point on the frame, usually under the battery. The earth isn’t made through the headstock bearings. On my Convert I just bolted the earth wires together and cable tied them out of sight. The stud hole now has a nice SS acorn nut covering it.

Is that where the brake union was fitted on the 2 piece brake hoses?
Mine has an A2 bolt there since I went to a single S/S hose,
Eraths well out of the way
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Should there be a nice cover with Moto Guzzi logo on it? Later Calis seem to have such a badge.
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