What is it worth?

I’m asking for a friend, what is an MOT’ed V35 Imola worth nowadays. Needs a bit of tinkering I was told.

Thanks Uki

As much as someone is willing to pay for it. My final answer! :smiley:

Yes of course :unamused: , but what should one ask for it?
They seem to be rare in the UK1

Uki you should know that it is not a question that can be answered as easily as that and it is a question that is not usually answered on here.

How much tinkering? What is the condition? What are the engine and gearbox like? How many miles has it done? Does it run? Does it have a current MOT? Are the tyres and brakes ok? When was it last running? Does it run?

I could go on…

I know, I was just asking for opinions on a price range. The final asking price is then up to the owner

MOT’d this week so tyers and brakes should be ok and it runs.

Personnaly I would not spend more that £1200 buying one but if it were a right little cracker maybe more. I had a plan to buy one for Karen, but she doesn’t want to go any faster than her restricted Piaggio Zip 50 takes her at the moment (30 mph max) but I worry as it is a 60mph road that she rides into town and some car drivers try to overtake her at dangerous places. If she we travelling at 45mph then I think she would be a little safer (strange but true!) Maybe I could deretrict the Zip? :open_mouth:

That’s the same thing the dealer in Lincoln said when we were looking for a starter bike for our 16 year old son. The Lincoln police even turned a blind eye on the deristriction as long as the youngsters were not acting stupid.

Maybe she just needs to try one out, I was scared at the thought of moving up from the 125 learner bike, it vanished quickly :laughing:

I always feel safer on a bigger, faster bike. Even the V50 lacks urge if I need to get out of trouble in a hurry.


You couldn’t make it up if you tried! :wink:

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Moto-Guzzi-V35-Mk-2/124213859034?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 you don’t see one for ages and then they come along in threes!

Not really Threes! Uki was referring to my bike :smiley:

I found four!


Miss my Imola II, but could wrap round it now. Probably see it through rose tinted spec’s anyway.