What shall I wear today?

Do strange topic titles attract more readers? Hopefully :laughing:

For a while I have been pondering starting a thread like this, especially after reading that people poured water over their head to cool down whilst being out and about this summer.
You might have guessed by now that I am talking about “summer riding gear”.
A lot has been talked about heated jackets, best waterproofs etc. and I have aquired quite a few of these whilst we were living in the UK, but then we moved to the south of France and suddenly clothing became a whole new ballgame.
Over the last three years I aquired a light coloured Bering mesh jacket, ventilated Dainese boots, ventilated gloves and finally a pair of grey Kevlar Jeans.
Whilst I was sure on not wanting black bike clothing, I was not convinced on the Kevlar Jeans, but boy do I like them.

With summers getting hotter in the UK is it worth getting summer gear even if you don’t plan to travel to the south of Europe?
Is it better to have several outfits rather than one with multiple removable liners?

Cheers Uki

Inappropriate post Uki, the temperature is set to halve over the next few days, cold rain is forecast :confused:

If you are too hot in your leathers you are not going fast enough!

Far from inappropriate. The best (ie most economical) time to buy summer gear is when it starts to cool down. My Joe Rocket jacket (ice blue, mesh, and it washes) was a bargain about twenty years ago and the ( black I’m afraid) same make, ventilated trousers are the coolest, in temperature at least, I have ever tried, including ordinary Levi’s. Of course, riding mainly in the UK very airy summer gear doesn’t wear out quickly. And if you’re careful to match your armour, a mesh jacket will pack very small when you’re shivering in warm gear to the ferry and come into it’s own once balmier climes have been reached.
And anyway, at least researching new gear can make your brain believe things will get better eventually. Good thinking Uki.

Maggi, what a sensible response, you put me to shame!

I am putting in my thermal linings in my HG two piece gear and digging out my thermal socks.

What a great tip Maggi!

Even here it now gets cold, I see snow on the mountains when I look out of the window and my summergear is washed and packed away!

But I remember a rally in Germany where a lady overheated and the group had to wait a few hours at the roadside till she was able again to get back on the bike (pillion) and she was still suffering when they finally arrived!
I myself got too hot on the german Motorway and we had to stop only 15miles from target point for half an hour, so sharing tips on riding in hot climes may come in useful as many of us plan on heading to Mandello next year.

Cheers Uki

I use different outfits for different seasons.

. Lightest is a cream coloured textile suit; trousers are BMW Mottorad (with zip off legs) and Hein Gerricke jacket. All a little bit Evel Knevel.
. Heaviest is waxed cotton two piece with plenty of room to get loads of layers on underneath.
. Mid point is a Furygan leather jacket and Rokker jeans.

Probably best now is those multilayered two piece suits, but they are big money.

Main issue in Blighty at least is the changeable nature of the weather. If you’re not wearing it hen you probably at least need to be packing it.

I can’t understand folks that wear a leather suit in high summer. We get a lot of bikie types buzzing around here on hot days thusly adorned and it looks like hell. I wouldn’t even be bothered to go out ‘just for a ride’ if it is going to be overly hot in proper clothing.

But also I’m not precious - If I’m popping round the corner on some errand then I might only be in shorts and a tee, and I wouldn’t be wearing a helmet if it wasn’t a legal requirement.