What the.................!

“She” was out for the day. So I went to my bike this morning with the intent to get it ready for mot. Double check all the nuts and bolts that I had been fiddling with etc and then balance the carbs.The brakes were fixed after all, weren’t they. Tested foot brake rock hard, tested front brake, rock hard. Started to move my bike over so I could get to the near side, pulled front brake and the lever went straight back to the handle bars! pumped it a couple of times, rock hard, no softness or springiness, rock hard. Went to move it again, no brake! Pumped it a couple of times, rock hard. This isn’t an air in system soft hard, this is full rock hard.Ordered a new single line hose with no fork splitter and went and did some gardening! Things have to be really bad for me to do gardening

Gardening is a pretty serious diversion
Just a thought…
Is the piton in the master cylinder returning fully? On some Guzzis the lever can be over adjusted so that the piston doesn’t fully seat. This gives the kind of symptoms you’re describing. Can also happen with a faulty piston.
Best of luck (with bike and garden)
Steveguzzibrat2013-08-27 17:41:13

The master cylinder is brand new. There is enough play. The lever feels perfect initially but then goes limp. Something is amiss somewhere. Everything will have been replaced when the new hose comes, so fingers crossed!

There should be a gap between the lever actuating point and the end of the master cylinder piston on which it operates.
Have replaced pistons and had to adjust the gap.
Have the gap written somewhere & pretty sure it’s in Haynes too,
Best of luck

Yep, got a gap. Not sure if it is official, but it is plenty to allow the piston full travel

You might need a piston seal kit, have come across this on a rear M/Cyl. it was caused by the lip on the seals flipping over due to being fitted the wrong way round, once they have flipped, replacing them the right way still caused problems.G.

I seem to remember he fitted a new master cylender.

When I start again everything will be new from the master cylinder all the way to the caliper. The only thing left will be the caliper piston.

Make sure you haven’t got a rusty caliper piston that could be sticking in the caliper.Might be worth while, when you have the stiffy lever, lift the caliper off the disc and gently squeeze the lever to see if the piston is moving, then gently push it back with something broad and flat like a tyre lever so as not to damage the pads.
Don-Spada2013-08-29 20:42:35

Will do. I’m going to assemble it all on the bench too!

check your wheel bearings ?

Nearly a year later?