What's behind the Guzzi V

I’m intrigued to hear the definition of the V7, V9 and V11 assigned to Moto Guzzi bikes. Surely it doesn’t correspond to the CC rating. I own a 2011 Stelvio, what does that come under?

Not sure the question is that clear, but they do roughly correspond to cc,

V7 is roughly 750 cc, bit is named after an old late 60s model that was around 700cc

V9 is nominally a 900, although actually closer to 850 cc

V11s were roughly 1100 cc

Stelvio is around 1200 cc, but has not been given a V name

Similarly V50 was roughly 500 cc, V35, V65 and V75 also correspond with their capacities.

Sorry Jim but totally wrong :smiley:
They are Italian, the name exists for its own sake and is enough.
The Ducati 916 was not a 916cc either.

Ian, I think Jim is correct, it is too neat to be random

I’m fairly sure that the 851, 888, 748 and 916 Ducati’s were in fact just that in terms of their cc’s.

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

I think Ian was joking.

The weird Ducati one was the Paso 906, which was actually 904 cc, but they used 906 as it looked better.

Guzzi do like to round the figures up a bit, my V1000 is only 948cc.

I think the 916 was actually 919 but Ducati thought 916 looked the same from all directions and was better as a result.
Says a lot for the riding skills of those it was aimed at. :smiley: