What's this here hole for?

I have a V50 Monza and behind the RH cylinder head there is a hole on the crankcase that reaches down about an inch and a half. It seems to be closed off at the bottom as some oil and dirt has pooled in it. This is higher up than the inspection hole for the flywheel. I’d post a pic but can’t attach here. Any ideas what this hole is for? I can’t find any reference to it in any of the workshop or parts manuals I’ve seen. Cheers, Ramon

I remember reading about this somewhere else, although I have no first-hand knowledge. My memory says it’s used for a sensor on some small block models but not machined on others.

I think the posts were on this forum but some time ago. If I find it I’ll post the link. Yes the “hole” is for a sensor that wasn’t used.

Is this the link?

Can’t get that, keeps asking me to log in again, but I’m already logged in. :astonished:

Mike if you log in you get to the original thread about the blanked hole. The link worked for me but I did have to log in again, and yes I was already logged in, but it all worked apart from one photo that seems to have been removed from it’s photo hosting site.

OK managed to get it this time. And there was no answer to what is it for! :open_mouth:

Thanks all - I’ve followed the related earlier thread and can now understand that this was probably a machined section for something that was not developed or used on my variant. And I saw that one person had seen some corrosion down this blank tunnel which is probably why the previous owner of my bike had chosen to stick a wine bottle cork in it to prevent water pooling! Thanks all!