Which Mark V50?

I have recently bought a lovely 1981 V50 - VRN UNM108W, Frame No 11213, Eng no 20022, but I can’t work out from the V5C what Mark it is (II, III?). Can anyone help?

Chris Markey

Has is got round slide carbs or flat slide. If round Mk3 if flat Mk1 or 2. The Mk 3 are the most desirable. Spares availability not as good as larger models.

if it’s a 1981 regestracion it should be a mk111, it will have points and condenser ignicion.( mk11 had electronick)

Thanks very much. The carb bodies are round, with a square(ish) float chamber below. I will treat it as a Mk III!

Half-way through a cafe racer rebuild. Does anyone know if it is possible to get rear-sets for a V50 III? I’ve looked on line, but can’t find anything. I guess I may have to look at someone who can fabricate some in extremis, but there don’t seem to be many places that they could be mounted on the frame…


Same chassis as the Monza, I think, so maybe you could hunt for Monza rests.