Why no loop frame topics?

As I am currently purchasing a Loop framed Guzzi and am reading up on all things loop frame, why is it that there are no posts in here relating to loop frame models?Could it be that they never go wrong?

I suspect they are quite rare in the UK.Common would be the wrong word sur le continent but there are more.

I owned two loop frames in the past and for a start they were pretty simple/reliable, and most specific info I needed I found on This Old Tractor, or just used my experience with Guzzis in general.

Enough teasing…when are we going to see pics…why are we waiting…

I have a loop frame and it’s been all over Europe. (V7) original. It’s on the road all the time and when it need repairing I do it. If you have a question about these bikes then post it and you’ll get an answer.

Not really got any questions yet, was just amazed there are no posts in here. Oh,OK, here’s one:- The bikes have been running chrome cylinders for tens of years, are all the paranoid outbursts justified or is it just that some unloved bikes suffer from peeling.Oh, another! The lack of an oil filter. Does this bother anyone? I’ve seen magnets, internal filter conversions and external ones. Like busses they come in threes! What petrol do you use?I’m on a roll now,

My V7 has done at least 145,000 miles and still doesn’t smoke, unlike me! Oil change every 4,000 and I use a 20/50 or some such, any brand.