wind buffeting my head on my cali ev


1997 cali ev

I don’t know if this is universal…and I don’t really want to hear
That’s part of real biking, so put up with it …?.
But how I sit and how the windscreen is etc just means that the flow of air breaks exactly over the tip of the original windscreen
The larger version
And hits my helmet full on

So independent of helmet, I’ve had a few, it’s awfully loud and buffeting
I only have to bend down a bit to a daft looking position and it’s like day and night
Nearly perfect silence other than the lovely machine

Has anyone had a similar experience and been able to cure the Issue?
I do remember years ago hearing someone say they had “bent” the top few inches of the screen forwards and thus altered the flow angle
Anyone else heard This?
How would you heat up the screen ?
Anyone else have any success with an add on ?

I’d appreciate any technical advice , thank you.

Best regards

What you need is a Laminar lip…Amazon…

if the screen mounting is the same as on my Cali’ 3, then undo the clamps that hold the headlamp and screen and either move it up or down a bit?

put some rubber spacers on the bolts behind the screen, about 1/2 thick - that will steepen the angle and push the airflow higher off the screen

No search results - are in Google …

Try laminar screens UK

Removing 3 - 4 vertebrae should do it.

Have a like.

it was a surprise to me what a buffeting even a short person like myself could get with a large screen on my Cali Vintage, so having looked around I splashed out on this:
quite expensive, but multi adjustable so you should find an improvement somewhere!

Hi, before you go spending, I cant help thinking a laminar lid will cause its own problems, the screen is tall anyway, add that and you could be clipping bridges. And they look ridiculous.I had a 4000 mile tour of france last summer, so all speeds and all conditions and I had no such problems other than when travelling close to jeep size vehicles preparing for an overtake. Not sucking eggs and all that, try a featherlight grip on the bars and get rid of or wind right back on that stoopid steering damper. Hope this helps.
I can honestly say that in 30+ years of riding bikes the Cali is the most comfortable overall bike I have owned.

I have a T3 Cali, which handles well (much more stable than the Cali 2 I had years ago), but suffers from turbulence off the screen - far worse than anything else I have ever ridden. I have tried all sorts of adjustments to the screen and different helmets. I can reduce the buffeting, but I would not want to ride over 100 miles on it, so it is useless for touring. How did you find the x-creen?

3 out of the 4 Guzzis in the stable have no fairing or screen and you know what? I don’t miss them.

I suppose if I was riding through clouds of midges, sleet or down endless motorways then one would be useful however bimbling is the game these days and screens are not required for bimbling. Try ‘au naturel’ - you may even like it.

The Sport i.e.on the other hand…

I’m still looking for the “perfect position” for me (I’m 5’ 6", ride with open-face or full-face helmet and tried sitting in slightly different positions). Having said all that I have found it a distinct improvement to just using the standard screen, which did cause me to experience very noticeable buffeting. I do get some wind noise, but not bad, so overall a worthwhile addition I think. :slight_smile:

My previous Cali ,a 3 ,was the C.I. version ,full fairing ,now sold to a workmate . I regret selling it in that the factory fitted full fairing really works ,so much so that I and Scotty the new owner , never really got wet when out in the rain . We are both short arses around the 5ft 6in ,got me wondering if the C.I. fairing was developed in the factory wind tunnel and the Italian riders were the same height .
I suppose the chances of finding another C.I is remote ( only 500 made ) but that would solve the buffeting problem .At the moment I have no screen on my 1100i ,smooth air , but quite a lot of it .

Well thanks for some of the replies
Get used to it, don’t use a shield, etc are the ones I have had before that do not help at all.
Silly ones belong in the joke forum not the technical forum.
I agree with the post re the laminate clip on on top. I have seen them and on top of my shield it would look really daft and be far too high, though thanks for the basic idea, which might well work very well on smaller screens.
Yes I agree too, my Cali is superbly comfortable and I love it. So does my wife as pilllion.Thats why its 20 yeas old and way over 110.000 Km,
But the issue with the loud buffeting remains something I do not like.
I’ll have a look at that MRA screen now.
I’m still sure I read years ago someone had warmed up the ( acetate is it? ) screen and bent the lip towards the front. I can’t think how to do this practically… hoping maybe the bloke answers.
Best regards

Hi, I used to bend acrylic with kids when I was teaching. We used a strip heater with flat acrylic. A screen is going to be a compound curve, so not so straight forward. Basically if you heat it, it will soften and can be bent, cool it and it will stiffen again. Over heat it and it will sizzle and be buggered. If you can make a former to rest the screen on and then heat it so you can bend it round a mould then it would be feasable.
Personally I would pour plaster of paris over the screen after blocking around the top. I’d then file and sand the plaster to make a mould of the desired curve then heat the acrylic with a heat gun CAREFULLY so as not to sizzle it. Bending it would then be relatively easy. I use plaster and clay and wood for walls to make moulds frequently for my pottery. Sanding with files and finer and finer grades of wet and dry will make a perfect finish. Acrylic too, can be sanded with wet and dry and then polished to a perfect finish.