Wind noise

Has anyone had any success with aftermarket screens in terms of wind noise?

Do you not use Ear Plugs?
I can’t ride without them, no matter how good the screen is.

The issue with most Screens, on any Bike, is that they’re rarely mounted properly.
They’re invariably mounted on, or very close to, the Fairing.
If air can’t flow up the rear side of the Screen, it’s just a basic Windbreak.

If air can flow up the rear side of the Screen, it works like an Aerofoil, and the airflow will be much ‘cleaner’ as a result.

The Small Screen on my Stelvio works perfectly since I spaced it forwards, away from the Front Panel.
The top is about level with my Chin, but the air flows nicely over the top of my Helmet once past 40mph or so, and gets better the faster you go.
No turbulence, no buffeting.

I have the standard fly screen, the Guzzi touring screen and a Givi touring screen.

As I’m 6’3" the Givi is the best but its a bit of a beast. Virtually no wind noise.

I bought spare fittings so each screen is ready to go, and only takes a few minutes to fit dependant on my ride preference for the day.

Hope that helps!

I test rode a V85TT on Friday, and the (wind) noise is similar to my R1250GS. On the BMW I had concluded, possibly incorrectly, that the noise was tyre related and coming up the “hole” in the fairing where the steering head is. The noise certainly varies with the smoothness or graininess of the tarmac on the BMW, leading to that view. The BMW screen is open at the bottom, so is more of an aero foil than a windbreak.

The V85 doesn’t have a “hole”, but it does have a windscreen, and following my test ride, I wonder if the screens on both bikes are amplifying, or at least reflecting, the noise back at the rider.

I did not notice this kind of noise on my Pan Euro, long sold, and the screen on the LeMans is only going to focus the sound on the ignition key.

I didn’t notice whether the noise changed with tarmac type on the V85. I’d be interested to know if others have noticed that.

Meanwhile I’m going to get myself in the habit of wearing earplugs.


Hubbi has a V85TT now for 2 years and has the original screens from Guzzi, the normal one (small) for summer and the ‘touring screen’ (bigger) for ‘winter’. He says he has no problems with wind noise.
Maybe it has to do with the speed limits here in France or the mountain roads that we are usually on?

Cheers Uki