wiring ?

Spent today rewiring the 1000s, nearly there,  anyone know how the charging light should be wired? I’ve wired the blue wire from the rec/reg  up to the warning light, does the wire from the other side need an earth or a feed? (Later type alternator,  not bosch)

Phil, have a word with Chris950s he does some smart wiring diagrams.

Cheers Duffo,
I suspect it’s a live feed, but would like to check with someone more knowledgeable,Â

PM sent

Need specific information about this ‘later type alternator not Bosch’ …

Saprisa alternator, Â combined rec/reg, first ones fitted to the big block after the bosch, (1991)

Ah right well according to a PDF of a wiring diagram I found, it connects to the ignition switch; there should already be another wire from the ignition switch to the rec/reg? Lamp connects to the same point.

I saved the PDF but can’t find again where I got it from off the net tho.

OK so I uploaded it, see the little wiring diagram:

clicky linky here

Thanks for the help lads, should get the other odds+ends done and hopefully fire it up, (It’s been a year)

So the answer to your original question is yes! The wiring for your model is similar to but not exactly as the LM V as it has a later charging system like the 1100 Cali and Sport. The generator light is wired from the regulator (blue wire) and has a +ve feed to the other side of the bulb, as do most models. Good luck

The beast lives, (and charges)
Fired it up today, sounds healthy, charging good, looking good, (to me anyway),
thanks again for all the advice,
Cheers Phil.Â