Worn forks Stornello

Now I have the front end assembled on the Stornello, what felt like a tiny bit of wear on the fork legs and bushes has magnified up to a lot of slop between the front wheel and the handlebars. I haven’t got any oil in the forks yet but I doubt if that will make that much difference. The wear appears to be more in the actual fork leg rather than the bushes as they are a tight fit at the extreme ends of their travel and sloppy in the middle.I am thinking my options are Replacement legs (can’t see any for sale in any of the usual places around on the net apart from Harpers in America)Getting new ones made. They are only 25mm steel tubes, with a taper, and a couple of threaded ends.Get the old ones ground and hard chromed. A bit overkill but it would be a good lasting job.Anyone got any other ideas?

after the mare i had with the t5 and swapping parts I would opt for chromed and re ground

wear on the t5 was in the top leg bush on the one side causing lots of movement

I have a couple of pairs come up for sale just this week, one pair in the UK of unknown condition. Someone is checking those out, or a later model pair for sale in Italy for a reasonable price. Spoilt for choice at the moment, unles they both turn out to be rubbish.
Hard chroming of forks is good, much better than the plain steel they are now, but it’s expensive and this was only supposed to be a cheap project! 3 years later I have stopped keeping check of the spend, it is about acheiving the end result and actually getting it back on the road.

Hi Don
I bought the parts that you told me about. There are four pairs of forks but i have,nt had time to check them out yet but i think there is 1 maybe2 that are stornello forks. I will have a proper look over the weekend and get back to you.
Cheers Graham

That was cheeky, the auction is still running! I certainly identified one set of Turismo forks in the picture, complete with the yokes, the rest was a pile of bits, he never did put any better pictures up.Let me know what you find when you have had a look at them. Mine is getting close to complete now and so am keen to get it finished.

Is there any way of measuring them Don?

Maybe you could compare them to someone has a decent set.

Hi Don
I have had a look at the forks and there is only 1 set of stornello forks the rest i will have to identify.I will check out the condition of the fork legs for you to ascertain how much wear there is.

Thanks Graham.

Hi Don
I have had a look at the forks and the upper bush has about 20thou gap on the leg this is probably no better than on yours.I would say the wear is on the bushes i dont no how hard it is to get them but it might be a another option.The tank is badly rusted on the right side and only has one hole for a fuel tap so is not for the stornello.Let me know what you think regarding the forks.
Cheers Graham

Graham I have not seen the bushes available anywhere except Harpers in the US. Not available at the majority of European stockists. I could probably get some made up at an engineering firm. I need to pull mine apart again and do a proper measure up. When I cleaned the forks up originally, the bushes were a good fit at the top beyond there normal point of travel but a bit loose lower down the leg.I haven’t really looked at them since as have been busy with the wiring etc.Was there anything else interesting further down in the bundle of bits?

Pulled my forks apart again at the weekend and had a good look at them. I do think some new bushes would probably sort the problem, just got to try and find some, or get them made.