Yes, I know, another tyre thread: 1200 Sport 4v

It’s that time folks when the rear tyre is starting to look past its best, so I would appreciate your views on possible replacements. The current hoop is a Metzeler Sportec M5 (the bike was new last year, so this is the OE tyre).

I have to say its been OK, but together with the matching front tyre, they’ve always taken rather poorly to white lines which suprises me somewhat. Grip wise (dry or wet) they haven’t been too bad. Also wear wise, the rear will have done well in excess of 3k miles, which I regard as not bad for a heavy(ish) 100 odd bhp motorcycle. The original idea when I bought this bike was to take it touring in Europe, but for various reasons that hasn’t happened so most of my mileage is commuting to work (25 mile round trips) and beetling around the back roads of my native Yorkshire on my days off. I may well just replace like for like, but if any of you 1200 Sport owners have better experiences with other makes I’d be interested to hear your views.coolonthecoast2014-05-10 16:42:43

I’ve got pilot road 2s on, quite happy with them grip ok and last well too,pr 3s maybe better in the wet.
I don’t think there are any really crap tyres around anymore but it is a personal choice and what we feel confident with.
Always liked the look of conti road attacks so might get a pair of those next,and they’re cheapish too !.
Good luck…

Michelin Pilot 2 or 3

I agree with Sutty. I have tried loads of different tyres because I just have whatever my local tyre chap has a good deal on at the time and haven`t hit any hedges yet and I ride in all weathers.
3K seems a bit low mileage unless the bike has been ridden hard all the time.

Yes, missed the 3k bit,would not be happy with that unless they stuck like sh-t to a blanket…

Thanks Gents, for 3k read probably 4k by the time its down to the legal limit, however I will change it before then. Yes, I do ride it hard, after a diet of Italian sports bikes, MV’s and Ducati’s, the Guzzi does tend to get its neck wrung a bit. So if 3k is low for a rear, what do you guys expect to achieve? I was changing rear tyres on my MV every 2k but that was an F4 with getting on for twice the bhp of the Guzzi.coolonthecoast2014-05-11 09:23:05

I had Dunlop Roadsmarts fitted to my Triumph Tiger 1050 and my previous model Stelvio. I found them to grip well in all conditions, but the rears were shot by 5000mls.

Just a quick update, I managed to squeeze 4500 miles out of the Metzeler, but it was well trashed by that stage. :frowning: I’m still undecided as to what to replace it with but many thanks for all your suggestions.

My Norge came with Pirelli Angel GTs fitted as stock. They are stable, are good enough for me in the wet and are designed for longer life.
Might be worth a look


I found the Metzeler’s took ages to warm up and then had good grip, got about 4500 out of the rear from new. Changed to Michelin Pilot Road 3’s and they were a revelation. Quick to warm up and excellent wet grip. Got about 5500 from the rear and now on another set. Can’t see me changing to anything else other than maybe the Pilot Road 4.

As the front tyre is OK, I opted for remaining with the Sportec M5 as I can’t afford to change both at the moment and don’t fancy mixing and matching different makes, but next time probably both tyres will require changing so I’m going to try the Pilot Roads then.