Zigolo 98cc Wiring Diagram Needed Please

Hi All,
I’m a new member having purchased a Zigolo 98cc Hispana and am looking for any information on the bike including and most helpfully, a wiring diagram.
I have had the bike running and have ridden it on a private road, but it needs some work.
I understand it is a 1956 from old Spanish registration details available.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.

Mike Lacy advertises phoptcoples of old single manuals every month in Gambalunga and is very knowledgable and helpfull.
Brian Peck, who may be in the recsue register is also excellent.
If you own a single they are good enough reasons to be with this club.

Thank you for the information.
I have only joined today and it looks like a great club.
I will contact Mike then.
Kind regards.

Then welcome to the club.
Hope you enjoy it.
Check out our branch list.

Welcome to the club! This may help

Thanks for the help!
Much appreciated.