09 BREVA 750

Hi, some advise please? headlamp fell off (vibration&poor plastic fitting jaws) 2 days before manx gp ! sourced a 7" ex GS headlamp fits perfectly but electrics shot. struggling at moment no main beam or sidelight! can anyone advise where to get main bulb and seperatel side bulb fittings? this to include male&female connectors so I can marry up with guzzi feed wires? (the fittings need to be a universal type) the guzzi has 3 feed wires coming into rear of headlamp. I live in the midlands. local bike shops not very helpful.
thanks in advance :slight_smile:
member 6040howard

Try Towzatronics

“Headlamp fell off” ???

I can also recommend towzatronics.

thanks will pursue towatronics

Maybe Nigel at NBS near Stafford…

I noticed with my Small Block the headstock area was resonant with the engine requiring regular spannering to keep everything onboard.

FFS… :astonished:

All the plastic breva headlamp bowels fracture. I have a brand new bowel here on my tt and it’s fractured after about 3 months . Later v7 stone one is redesigned and does not seem to fracture