100 anniversary model

Spotted on my phone pictures of the 100th anniversary bike, a Sport 1000cc, yet to be announced, any body else seen it ?

Hi Bob,

yes it seems pictures have been leeked to various Motorcycle mags. I have pictures and article on the Website (in italian so you have to use Google translate )

Another pic from my friends in Italy

Apparently there’s a well written article on the club Facebook page about it.


Would be better IMO to use our website rather than Mark Zuckerberg’s. (I have not and will not sign up to FB.)

Someone has kindly posted the article on the GSERS forum.

Perhaps the article could be copied here too?

I do not have Facebook

More pics

And again

I think it looks brilliant, I’m very much looking forward to a test ride, and the eventual replacement of my Bavaria twin, but two thoughts:

The radiator will be peppered with road grit & mud because the front mudguard is decorative, but barely functional, and which will make a pretty bike look like it belongs on a farm after a few miles on English roads. This is an easy fix that I hope is sorted on production versions.

There are no obvious points to attach luggage. Throw-overs don’t work so great if there are no shocks to keep them from rubbing on the tyre…. Hopefully, that’s also been thought about for the production bikes.

I do hope the marketing gurus read these comments…

Me neither!


I just saw a short video from MG on utube on this - all PR and no substance though.

Does anyone know more? Obviously a well-kept secret if not!


We saw it in the flesh at the Factory during our time in Mandello. Peter (my other half) thinks the pictures don’t do it justice, and he will write a bit up for Gambalunga.
A friend of friends who works at the factory says it’s not a ridable motorcycle yet, so there will be changes. It will be shown again at EICMA and supposedly go on sale in summer 2022.

Cheers Uki