1000 Le Mans Astralite wheels

Has anyone out there had any experience with Astralite wheels on a 1000 Le Mans or similar? They are available again now - slightly wider rear than standard, that takes a 140 width rather than a 130 and you lose your cush drive of course. I’m thinking more of the unsprung weight saving and how that translates to the way the bike handles in the real world -never mind the theory!
Any info. gratefully received. Roger

Width of tyre is limited by drive tunnel of swingarm. Most I’ve heard of is 120, possibly ~ but which I suspect actually measures as more like a 110

Will that width tyre clear the swingarm…One of my lemons has dymags…you can feel the difference…

A friend had Astralites on a 1000 LM and had a notch cut and welded in the swinging arm for clearance, think he used 130 section rear tyre.