1000 SP Fairing Brackets

Hi all, I’m looking for the upper brackets for the lower fairings both left and right hand side for a 1982 1000SP.
Any help appreciated.

I asume you mean the ones that bolt onto the rockers. Part number 17570561.
15 Euro each fom Stein Dinse
Or put Guzzi 17570561 into a search engine and see what other suppliers it comes up with.
A good job you don’t need Le-Mans ones, they are 120 Euros :astonished: No idea what the difference is? Gold plated???

Hi Don, thanks for the reply. I looked at Steine-Dinse and could only find the LHS bracket but I’ve emailed them and asked if they have both so I’l see what they say. I did notice the price of the Le Mans brackets and was shocked. Gutsibits don’t have any and can’t get new ones. I could make my own but would rather get originals if possible.
Many Thanks for your help

Looking at my parts list, they should be reversable to left and right. The part number I quoted doesn’t say left or right fitment. Unfortunately I can’t read the quantity colum as it is a poor scan.

Hi Don, Steine-Dinse have replied and the RHS bracket is no longer available and unfortunately they are not reversible. Guess I’ll have to make some myself.
Part code for RHS is 17570562
Thanks for your help

5 Euro from Stucchi Luigi, but they are a bit slow getting things over

Brilliant Don, I’ve just ordered them. Not heard of these people before but their site is now bookmarked.
Once again thanks for your help.

Stucchis are a big Guzzi dealer in Italy. They do hold a lot of stock.

From memory, I don’t think they are ‘handed’, same item should go on both sides. Shape is symmetrical.

Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. I thought they should be reversible but I will find out when the ones I’ve ordered from Italy arrive. I’ll post on here whether they’re reversible or not

Hi all, thanks for all the help. The new brackets have arrived from Italy and fit perfectly and yes they are identical so why one is more expensive than the other who knows? Not complaining though as I’ve got them and now have a new source of spares (thanks Don).

Wow that was quick for Stucchi’s, I find them a bit slow normally Glad you’ve got the parts. I did think the sinistra & destra where identical.

I just got a pair of thumb turn bolts for my hinged rear mudguard from them, they arrived within a week!