1000s carbs

I have taken the pumper carbs of my 1000s and fitted flat tops. has anybody any idea which throttle cables to use. I rang motomecca and their advice was to size them up and to get in touch with venhills. I cannot be the first person to do this conversion.?
    many thanks

I’d guess that there’s an equivalent cable from another bike.
have you tried Gutsibits? Guy has been involved in a few special buils and conversions.
Venhill are a good and will need a pattern/design. They do DIY kits I think
All the best

I would phone Venhills and talk to them.
They are very good.
The difference between outer and inner will be the same as any flat top later big block like a Cali with 35/40 carbs.
The outer needs to be about 2’’ longer than your present outer unless you are planning other mods.

Moto mecca, sorted me out with cali’ ones when I did the same thing with mine,
(many moons ago)
Recently redid them, kept the flat tops and used a repro’ brit style twin pull throttle, Â used a couple of the venhill universal cable kit’s, Â worked a treat.Â

I put a twin pull tomisellie and a pair of spada cables,very easy to set,just one cable to each carb,no link box etc,think I also used a Honda dominator kill button/ starter switch

Did the same with my LM111 using a kit supplied by Nik Smulian last century.