1000sp steering damper

Hi all I believe the 1000sp had a steering damper fitted as standard,mine is missing and wondered if it’s worth fitting one the bracket is on the frame and the threaded hole is in the lower yoke,have no idea what else is needed apart from mounting nuts and bolts.(brackets,spacers,ect)maybe.

you’ll find varying opinions on this. what might be relevant is to share whether your 1000SP is fully faired

fwiw, my own, lacking the fairing parts, proved to be fully stable when the fitted damper died.

should you choose to fit one, the item is self contained, requiring only a bolt at each end.

Thanks,mine is fully faired,may try out as a damper isn’t a a liad of money.

I had 1000SP. It came with a damper. Did not need it at all.

I have alway run with the damper. I think the logic is that its a handle bar fairing and turbulance could affect handling. That said the stock damper is a friction damper which you can tighten or loosen. My 1100i Cali has the same damper for the same reason as had a handle bar mounted screen. I took this off but left the damper. It doesnt affect the ride.

Cheers for that,my pal did say that it provides some stability at speed.

I have on on mine, but am not convinced it has a great effect. Mine still has the full fairing set up. I cant remember anything else to fit it apart from the couple of bolts.
If you need a parts book for the Spada, it should be available on The Guzzitek

Hi, yes, mine is still fully faired, some say it helps others not so is it adjustable or fixed pressure.

It is adjustable, there is a knob at the front which clamps onto the shaft as you tighten it up.

This is the damper on th Spada

This is on the Cali 1100i Same damper slightly different the way it attaches to yoke and its on the left but good view of adjusting nut

Brilliant,thank you,the damper advertised in Guzzibits doesn’t have the adjusting nut,is there another source.

Muzzi Moto are showing one on ebay but its £129. Try searching for “SEBAC” stearing damper on google

Gutsibits are stocking one, it’s just slightly different to the original Guzzi one.

that might be because the one with the adjustable nut is not the original part for the 1000SP.

try: Gutsibits Moto Guzzi Spares & Accessories - The Shop -  - All Models - All Categories

No it was. I’ve had my Spada from new and it had this damper.

Thanks all will order one from Guzzi bits.:+1:

I have removed the Dampers from every Guzzi i have ever owned after having found one of the ‘rubber friction’ type completely seized and causing all sorts of porblems. I now ride a V7 Sport with no damper and no issues.

Thanks for your input.:+1: