10w60 Car oil in Moto Guzzi engine

Sorry this has probably been asked before, can 10w60 fully synthetic car oil be used in Moto Guzzi engines?
I have seen 10 litres of Mannol 10w60 fully synthetic car oil for £51 on ebay.

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Yep, it’s not a problem. I use Millers 10W60 fully syn in my 1400. It’s fantastic oil.


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Is this your V9 Bobber?

Any 10/60 that meets or exceeds the api rating is good.

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I’m using Mannol in the Guzzi V65 and the BSA A65 - Seems to work well and its cheap. Seemed to be distributed just up the road in Milton Keynes!

I’m presuming that will be low in ZDDP so not ideal for flat tappet engines.

True, but I have used Morris 10/50 and they now do a 10/60. Also if you have roller cam flat tappets then it not really a problem so much.